Phame Games started as a concept company back in 2014 known as Fame Games. Many games were made as a way to gain experience in different langauges and tools. Games were created in the languages of Basic, Java, GML, and LUA, and through tools like GameMaker, Eclipse, and Codea. No game is entirely complete, but all showcase a variety of ideas and gameplays. Download the launcher and sign in as guest to enjoy!

The launcher attempts to gather all the games and programs ever made by the Freys into one central location. It provides features like update checking and play tracking.

Phame features a series of games which address the multiplayer limitations found on many popular games. In particular, Phame Games attempts:

  • No player amount limitations
  • No cooperative limitations
    • All games can be PvP or CoOp through use of teams
  • No connection method limitations
    • Play local multiplayer (one machine)
    • Play local area network (LAN)
    • Play online without setting up a dedicated server
    • Play online without using Phame's server
      • Ports used are known and a direct connect option

Limitations on the previously mentioned features are usually designed in to protect gameplay and ensure the player is achieving the designed experience. Phame however, believes that players should have control over these multiplayer aspects, and if they want to "break" the experience by doing something the game is not designed for, that is their own prerogative.

Phame wants you to own your multiplayer experience and have fun with it!

These limitations were found on the following popular games:

  • Halo: Reach Firefight - requires hack to have more than two players
  • CoOp games: Borderlands, Left4Dead, etc. - Limit experience to four players
  • RTS games: RedAlert - Cannot switch alliances in game
  • Battle for Middle Earth - No direct connect option
  • Minecraft - Requires a dedicated server to play online
  • Starcraft II - Requires use of Blizzard's server, no LAN option
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